Relationship with God, September 17, 2018

Jesus giving comfort

It’s difficult as human beings to understand God. Our minds have a difficult time understanding an entity that could love the world into being with a single act of all of creation. One that gave us the freewill to choose good, bad or anything at all. How can such an almighty power and spirit have a relationship with us. God is so much bigger than we can ever understand. I struggle with this idea constantly. I know I am not the only one. Humanity has struggled with this concept so long that God decided to send Jesus Christ to the world so that we could have that intimate relationship with God. We understand human beings. Most of the time we can try to figure them out, sometimes, we hate them, sometimes we love them, but we do have the ability to be friends with other human beings.

Jesus Christ is 100% human and 100% divine, it’s called hypostatic union. Jesus Christ was flesh and blood, he cried, he laughed, he loved, he got angry, he forgave, he bleed, he hurt, and he died. He also healed, forgave sins, worked miracles, cast out demons, and was resurrected from the dead. He gave us the ability to learn how to befriend God.

God is amazing in so many ways. God is the creator of all life, bigger than our minds can understand. Jesus Christ, the son of God in human form gave us the ability to have a friendship with God that we can understand. The holy spirit, is what Jesus Christ sent to inspire and move through us daily, the breath of life that moves us.

It’s easier to have a friendship with the person sitting next to you than with God if you can’t see hear, touch, or really understand God. That’s why we have Jesus. We have an image, a face, words on paper that he spoke, witnesses that saw and wrote about him. We can have this relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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