Relationships, January 24, 2017 Daily Reflection

My family

God created us to be in relationship with self, others, creation, and God. When any of these relationships are out of balance so are we.
When we refuse to allow ourselves to connect to others and isolate ourselves we feel pain. When we are frustrated at our actions, the vices, we become disappointed in self and we feel pain. When we hurt our earth, pollute, and cause damage to our home we hurt not only ourselves but generations to come, causing pain.

When we hide from God or just stop praying, talking, or seeking out God we become distant. God doesn’t walk away from us it is us who walk away from God. This severing of our core relationship with our creator will cause us to seek comfort, solace, and harmony in every place but we will not find it until we find peace in our relationships. There is a part of our souls that ache to be reconnected with our creator. That longing you feel is for a relationship with God. Taking the love that God imparts in your life and giving it to every other relationship will complete you.

Peace, harmony, balance, and life is all about our relationships starting with the core one; our relationship with our creator.

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