Remember, October 10, 2012 Daily Reflection

Our first horseback ride as a family

“It’s my first time on a horse!” Jake said filled with excitement as the trail guide helped him onto the horse. All of us were in a saddle, readied with directions on how to hold and utilize the reins and we were off. We were off on a one hour horse ride through the beautiful Mammoth Cave National Park.

The afternoon was chilly, the air crisp and the leaves were just starting to turn with color. All of my children were quiet, taking in the experience. The horses, well, they were very slow. It was the slowest I have been in motion in a long time. I could not write, answer an email or get a meal ready for anyone. I was unable to really have a conversation with anyone; I did not want to interrupt their experience. So I looked at the sky, the tall trees, and the beautiful path and petted my horse Navajo and I prayed. I took deep breaths, relaxed and just let myself be in the moment at hand. It was peaceful, slow and breathtaking.

The ride, like all good things, came to an end. We petted our horses, took some pictures and chatted with the owners. Then we climbed into our van for our next adventure of the weekend. But that experience I will never fully leave behind. I have it in my mind and I will replay it often for the serenity and peace it brought to me in those short 60 minutes.

Do you have past experiences, memories or serenity and peace available to you; a time at the beach, a moment at sunset, a horseback ride, a walk in nature, an hour alone with God?  Today, try to reach into your memory and rediscover that moment. Close your eyes and try to take yourself there. Breathe in deeply relax and let that time replay so you relive that peace and serenity once more.

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