Slip and Slide, what’s that? August 3, 2015 Daily Reflection

Jake on the slip and slide

Jake on the slip and slide

Yesterday I found a Slip and Slide I bought years ago discounted at the end of summertime. I forgot I bought it. We set it up and my boys had a great time on it. Of course who can compare that to the waterpark at Kentucky Kingdom? Actually my kids had just as much fun on it as they do at the Kingdom. Kids can find fun in every situation.

Our children are spoiled rotten in the summer time. Every where you look there is a summer camp designed for the needs and interest of your child. I mean everywhere, from the YMCA to the zoo, from the science center to the lego store. Everyone is getting in on the action. There is money to be made in the summer time. I am not knocking camps, kids have fun, learn lots, and the parents can continue to work to put food on the table, I get it. But boy have things changed since I was a kid. Summer time was in our backyard, down our street, in the field next door, in my best friend’s backyard. Our moms stayed home we drank koolaid, played kickball with the neighborhood kids, there were always at least 5 kids ready to play at any given moment. We played kick the can and ghost in the grave yard or flashlight tag at night. We didn’t have a pool membership or season passes to Kentucky Kingdom. We had a hose and a slip and slide, if we were lucky. Our moms didn’t know where we were, but they knew we were in the neighborhood somewhere. We went home for dinner and then when the streetlights came on. We slept in tents in each other’s backyards and told ghost stories all night long.

Summer time has definitely changed. However, our children still have fun and whenever I can connect my childhood memories to their lives I do it. Watching them play on that slip and slide brought it all back.

Do you remember your childhood summertime? Please feel free to share some of your favorite memories.


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