Story Book, February 17, 2017 Daily Reflection


It’s like a story book. We are created in this place as the main character of our own story. We meet supporting characters, family, friends, foes, and everything in between. Romance and rejection, infatuation, and break ups occur within the pages. There are choices throughout every part and without knowing the future for certain we make those choices. We are influenced by the people we are created to live with then we choose where to spend our time and with whom. We choose who to listen to and ideas to encourage or discourage our beings. We move forward and often fall backwards. Through it all God reveals himself to us through love. Sometimes we see it and other times we are too distant withdrawn, or enclosed and divided to notice. If we are lucky, or wise enough we witness this life, the gifts, pain, growth, gains, losses, and the love. The pages turn and we continue until one day the storybook will close and it will all be over here in this place. Then a brand new story book will be revealed to us with splendor and love, if we chose the love and the light.

What do you fill your storybook with? We get to choose the characters, the places, and if we want to love or to refuse the love. What will be your choice? How do you choose to live?

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