Sunday Boys, February 8, 2015 Sunday Tidbit

Todd & John

Todd & John

A few of my colleagues, John, the school counselor and Archery Coach and Todd, the PE/Health teacher and football coach, have expressed an interest in posting a monthly feature on Faith Filled Mom. They will base their feature on a Bible scripture each time. Today’s article was written by Todd Crumbacker, the PE/Health teacher and football coach.

“I let my buddy John instruct my Freshman P.E. students in archery for one class their first semester.  He was talking to them about safety and the fundamentals of shooting a bow and he said, concerning attention to the basics, “Small mistakes in the beginning turn into larger errors down range.”  It made me think about how if we pay attention to the fundamentals of our Christian walk every day we can keep small errors from becoming big problems later in life.  How we speak to others is one of those fundamentals and it made me think of a verse…

Like a maniac shooting flaming arrows of death

Is the one who deceives their neighbor and says,

“I was only joking!”

Proverbs 26: 18 – 19

 So, I am going to be mindful of the basics.”

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