Take Action, June 7 Daily Reflection


If we kneel on those kneelers and we sit in those pews, if we stand and pray and accept all guidance and encouragement from Church Sunday after Sunday everyday of our lives but we do not live it then we have done it all in vain.

A priest said this in a homily last Sunday and it truly blew me away. So many people go to Church because they are sincerely trying to be good Christians and keep holy the Sabbath day. It is important to go to Church, whatever religion you may be. However, the point of going to Church is to be uplifted by one another, to feel the presence of God, to be encouraged to take God’s love and the support of community out into the world outside of the Church. We must take what we are given in the pews to everyone:

To feed the hungry

Visit the imprisoned

Clothe the naked

Care for the widows, orphans and the sick

Give drink to the thirsty

To love our fellow mankind.

It is not an easy action that we must take. So many say forget the homeless – get up get a job and leave me alone. I make my own money honestly and I don’t have to share it. God gave us freewill so we don’t have to share it or care for others. However, God gave us a heart, a soul and a mind to make the right choice. If we claim to live our lives in the light of God then we should take action not only in our Sunday practice but in our everyday lives, every day for the rest of our lives.

Start this day and begin to take action give, care for, visit and love others each and every day.

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