Thank You, March 23 Daily Reflection

Naarah signing a water bottle for a student

A smile spreads across her face as she autographs a water bottle for a student. Naarah came to the school to teach our 5th graders about the military and what they do to protect us. The 5th graders are learning about the military and how we should appreciate their service to the US.

As Americans we have so many rights and freedoms we all take for granted. We have the right to agree with wars and disagree. We have the right to voice our loud opinions to the press and from mountain tops. We have the right to oppose any political figure at any time. We have the right to never say thank you to the military and not acknowledge what they do for us. However, it is a fact that without the military we would have NO RIGHTS!  The military provide us with the ability to be free. The military protect us and fight for our rights on a daily basis whether we thank them or like them, they do it anyway.

 The military are not made of robots that do this job mindlessly. They are moms and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They have families and loved ones they don’t want to leave behind when they are deployed to foreign countries to risk their lives at war. They have not been drafted they CHOOSE this life for many reasons one of which is to give YOU YOUR FREEDOM!  Every solider that stands on war torn land stands up for you personally, for your rights to be free, that is not an opinion that is a fact!  Yes, they get paid for their duty, it is their job, they choose to do it. Thank God they choose to do it because I did not and most of you reading this blog did not choose that life.

My friend Naarah has been in the military for years, she was one of the first to the cross the line in Iraq when the war first started. She is a quiet woman with 3 small children. She does not ask for attention when she wears her uniform, she never demands respect from others, she does her job with pride and confidence and she would lay down her life for you and you don’t even know her! She told the class of 5th graders all about war and brought a HUMV to the school. She gave them the details and painted a picture of it all. They asked “What can we do to repay you?” She answered “Just say thanks when you see a person in uniform. Just acknowledge them and say thanks.”

Whether you support or oppose a war has nothing to do with this. Our military men and women do what they are commissioned to do to fight for our country for our rights and for our freedom and they deserve to be acknowledged for a “job” in which they could give their life for us.  So next time you see someone in uniform catch their attention and just say “Thank you”. 

Thank you Naarah, Steve, Tara and all of you who serve to keep my family and my life safe and free. You will be in my prayers for a lifetime.

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