The Royal Wedding, May 5 Daily Reflection

A picture from my "royal wedding"

I never sit down during the day when my kids are at school and watch TV never! I clean, run errands, write, email, plan retreats, practice talks, plan service projects, set up Dr and Dentist appointments, deal with insurance companies, pay bills, write letters, talk to friends and family etc… but never watch TV.

Last Friday I watched TV. I DVR’ed the Royal Wedding. I sat down in my husband’s comfy chair with my lunch and watched Catherine and William become husband and wife. I listened as the Rev. told how becoming husband and wife and giving without thought of self will aid them in growing into the fullest person God intended for them to become. That if they love without selfishness they will become the best they could ever be. He spoke of selfless living, of love, commitment and family. He spoke of the values of God. The ceremony was not a soap opera about who is getting a divorce and cheating, hitting or hurting another. It was not about death and the doom of the world. It was about “Hope” Love and faith. It was moral, good, godly and positive.

We need a breath of fresh air in our society. We need to hear the word GOD on TV, in our streets and in our homes. We need to be brought back to a place of love, kindness and goodness.

I thought I was being so self-indulgent by watching the Royal Wedding but I was not. I listened. I was renewed in my own vows and my love and respect for my husband and my family. This should be the lead story not because of the $ spent on that elegant dress or the flowers but about how marriage has a chance, how we have hope for commitment and growth in our own lives.

That Friday afternoon I gave myself a gift. The gift of hope!


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