The tire swing, July 24 Saturday Tidbit

Relaxation on the tire swing

Ahhhh the tire swing, relaxation, rest and ease it is so appealing to all of us. We live in a constant state of motion everywhere; at home doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, planning, doing chores, at work with meetings, agendas, presentations, working in teams, inour world if we are not moving we might just get mowed down by the people who are in motion. The question is how do we stop, rest and relax? Where is that tire swing in our lives? Maybe the tire swing is sleeping a little late, taking an hour to read a good book undisturbed, going for a run in the morning, taking a bubble bath, going on a walk in a park, or just sitting down for a few minutes without anything but our thoughts.

┬áToday is Saturday find your tire swing, lie down, close your eyes and relax for a moment in time you won’t regret it and you will feel renewed when you stand back up.

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