There are others, October 29, 2012 Daily Reflection

My Grandmother

There are others like us scattered throughout restaurants in the early afternoon. Sometimes you can spot us in the malls or maybe even on a park bench in your local park. We are walking slowly next to an elderly woman with a walker, we are pushing a wheel chair or leaning in close to hear what she has to say. We are the daughters, sons and grandchildren of the elderly. We are the ones who give them a weekly escape from their nursing home, retirement home or lonely, quiet house. We are a reprieve from the silence. It’s only a few hours we commit weekly to one who lives every moment in their aged existence.

But so many others just sit or lay in the silence of the nursing homes. They have been neglected by their families and left behind by the friends that have passed on. They sit alone. Some are aware of their plight others are lost in their thoughts confused by reality and the loss of their memory.

Are you one of the daughters, sons or grandchildren that visit or are you one of those who are too busy with your own life to visit or make a phone call. One day you will be that age. If your children witnessed the time, commitment and care you gave to your mom or grandma then they will likely learn from your example. None of us can escape the grips of aging. One day we will be them. Will we be alone or cared for? In many ways what you choose to do or not do today will determine that outcome.

There are others like us are you one of them?


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