Treasure Those Moments, April 12, 2013 Daily Reflection

Out my kitchen window

Oh, how I stood there, at my kitchen window, watching, listening and laughing as my children played in the backyard together. Transfixed I did not move a muscle but thought to myself I want to hold this moment and capture it for all eternity. I want to treasure it when they have grown and gone their own ways. One day my house will be empty the echoes of laughter, running feet and slamming doors will be a thing of the past. One day they will be grown and listening to their own children laugh and play and be children. But in this moment nothing else matters; not the dishes, the dinner or my work. The only thing that matters is witnessing the joy they find in their childhood and etching it into my heart forever.

Treasure those moments like precious gifts from God because that is exactly what they are.


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