Vacations, July 17 Sunday Tidbit

St. Louis Arch in the spring time

It seems that everyone takes a family vacation in the summertime. My husband works on a golf course so we do not have the luxury of summer vacations. However, we do take weekend trips during the fall and spring when possible. This picture was taken in St. Louis. We went there to watch my husband run a half marathon this past spring.

Often time’s families are so concerned with having fun on the vacation that they leave Church out of the mix. What these families are missing is the interesting experience of attending Mass in a different state and many times within a different culture. The word Catholic means universal. No matter where you go the same Mass will be said throughout the world. This summer vacation give your family an experience in faith by attending Mass in a Church you have never been to before.  The experience will provide your family with a new memory and new conversation about Church. Don’t take a vacation from God. Take the time to witness how others see God instead!

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