Watching the Cookies, November 3 Daily Reflection

Spencer watching the cookies bake in the oven

Spencer watching the cookies bake in the oven

Flour on the floor, on your face, wiped across their little shirts.  The smell of peanut butter rising through the kitchen and out into the rest of the house.  Baking racks cluttering the counter top and a mixing bowl in the sink full of measuring spoons.  Saturday afternoon baking at our house.  Not a common occurrence but a fun one.  All the children love to help so I let them.  This time they wanted to see the cookies actually change in the oven so they watched.  A few lost interest quickly but here sits Spencer still intrigued by the changing sizes, still waiting for a huge transformation, knowing it must be coming soon.

We as moms do it all the time.  We do the best we can teaching, loving, guiding, sharing all we have with our children.  We have the messes we know we will have to clean up eventually all about the house but we sit it all aside  on occasion we stop and just watch them change, waiting for a huge transformation, knowing it must be coming soon.  We have seen it, when our children finally get something on their own; multiplication, walking without holding our hands, hitting the ball with the bat, speaking that first word, seeing them interact politely with an adult, making an intelligent argument that you would not have ever thought possible.  We sit at that oven and we watch and we wait and we know it is coming.  What is amazing is that as big as we think it will be most of the time it is even bigger because we love them so much that every little milestone is enormous to each of us.

God does the same thing with us.  He loves us, teaches us, guides us and gives us the freedom to change and transform into whomever we want to become.  He waits patiently knowing that the transformation will be huge.  He has faith that it will happen and He watches, waits and anticipates the milestones in our lives; when we love for the first time, when we give of ourselves selflessly to others, when we recognize His existence in others, when we become the fullest version of who we can become.  God is there and He is overwhelmed by the results because of the love He feels for us.

Just like Spencer we sit and wait without knowing it everyday and our little or big miracles, our children, do not disappoint us, they cannot because the love we feel for them is unconditional!  God sits, waits and watches us.  So we need to always try to be that better person we are capable of becoming, not someone who is going to save the world, or find the cure for cancer.  We just need to be the kindest, most loving, most giving person we can be by being the best mom we can be.  It will happen with the sweet scent of growth in the air and the presence of God in our lives. It will happen, it is happening even as you read this.

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