Without God, October 30, 2013


Open to God's plan

Open to God’s plan

Without God I have no voice. Without God I have no guidance. Without God I have no purpose.

However, I know God, I love and praise God. God has bestowed upon me a voice with which to praise Him and love others. God has given me guidance so that I may follow a path that brings me goodness and love. God has given me purpose to share His love with the world through my love for others. Every word I speak, every line I write, every speech I deliver, every class I teach, every meditation I write and lead, every hug I give, is filled with the purpose of fulfilling God’s purpose in my life.

I am confident enough to speak of God and my faith in public. I am courageous enough to wear a cross around my neck. I am bold enough to teach my children about our faith. But without God I would have none of it. It is all for the glory and honor of God that I do all that I do and that I am all that I am. I thank God each and every day for making me the person I am today. I am just the messenger spreading His message to the ends of my little corner of the earth.

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