You Are Here, April 13 Daily Reflection

Anna looking at the map.

How often do we wish we had a sign, a map that points to our exact location in our existence, something that says unequivocally, in bold print YOU ARE HERE?

Often times in this life we feel lost. We feel like the land beneath our feet is no longer solid but slipping like the sand and we have no true grasp on our lives. If we listen to the paranoia in our minds that taunts us to believe we are lost then we are in fact lost. However, if we listen to our soul, our deepest rooted connection to God we will find that He has known our where abouts all along. God knows exactly where we are even when we haven’t got a clue.

YOU ARE HERE, right where you are for a reason, you may not like it or understand it but in time you will see why you are there. When we feel lost and helpless if we call on God and ask for Him to help us, yes, actually talk to Him, He will guide us. We have to sweep away all the cobwebs from our minds, the confusion from our culture, the missed turns from our map and center our focus on God and He will make known to us exactly where we are.

Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to find out the answer to where you are right now? Or are you not quite prepared to deal with the answer to your question?

Ask the question in the right direction with persistence and an open heart and you will find the answer from God saying “YOU ARE HERE”.



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