Jake’s Magic, February 2, 2016 Daily Reflection

Jake showing a trick to Aunt Mary Kay

Jake showing a trick to Aunt Mary Kay

Jake received a Lego set he already had for Christmas from his grandparents. He returned the gift and looked for a new toy. He found a magic set with 250 tricks in it. It was a great deal! Jake enjoys studying the tricks and practicing them. When he feels like he knows the trick he puts on a show for us.

Once a week Jake takes piano lessons from my Aunt Mary Kay. We LOVE Aunt Mary Kay. She is precious to myself and each of my children. Last week Jake decided to take a few magic tricks to show her after his piano lesson. Aunt Mary Kay said when she was a little girl her dad performed magic tricks as a hobby and she always enjoyed it. Jake performed a few tricks and Aunt Mary Kay was laughing with wonderment and delight. She asked, “How did you do that?” Jake replied, “A magician never tells his secrets.”

Magic is created by slight of hand, distractions, illusions, and tricking other’s perception of reality. After learning some of the tricks we realize how easily distracted we are in life. The best magicians make smooth transitions, flawless slight of hand, sly distractions, as well as creating a different perception for others. Excellent tricks take time, effort, and lots of practice.

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