Can’t Always See, October 24, 2018 Daily Reflection

unsolvable problems

A friend of mine stopped me yesterday to tell me a story. It happened to her yesterday morning. She was walking her little dog down the sidewalk. Across the road a big dog was charging at her and her little dog. She searched the ground for something to throw, but found nothing. She was staring at the big dog in fear as it crossed one lane of traffic. Her eyes were transfixed on the big dog. She had no idea what would stop that dog from attacking her and her little dog. Out of nowhere a car hit the big dog in the middle of the road. It was hurt. Finally, the owner came outside and the person who hit the dog pulled her car over and checked on the dog. The dog got up and limped back to his owner. My friend was saying prayers for everyone involved.

She said, “sometimes we are so transfixed on our fears that we can’t see what could possibly make it better or resolve the situation. Then out of the blue something takes out that fear.” Nobody wants a dog to get hit by a car. My friend didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Just know that regardless, of how bad the situation may seem something or someone, God, could change things.

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