Beyond Sight, June 25, 2018 Daily Reflection


There is so much more than what we can see in this world. As Americans, we live and thrive in an environment constructed for the sighted. Visuals constantly invade our beings. Advertisers count on this fact. What we witness around us seeps into our minds and eventually our souls. Due to this situation we have a difficult time trusting what we can’t see in front of us. The world has become dependent upon the scientific method; everything must be proven. If it cannot be proven, or seen it must not exist.

However, as Americans, we believe whole-heartedly that love exists. Love is an emotion, a feeling that cannot be seen. It cannot be proven. We also believe in the mind. It cannot be seen on an x-ray or proven. We cannot see emotions but we know that we experience them. We can often see the effects of emotions and ideas. There is a presence within us that many people refuse to believe is there because it can’t be seen or scientifically proven but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. A part of divinity resides within each creation. Divinity within a person lives and thrives within in their spirit or soul. It is that piece of God that remains. We are never distant from God because it is always present. There is a presence among all of God’s creation that longs for goodness and love, it can’t be seen or proven but it is there. It’s effects are witnessed in selfless acts of love, in friendship, in relationships, in peace and goodwill. One doesn’t have to see with their eyes or have everything proven to believe that there is more than we can ever see in our world within and outside of each one of us.

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