Completion,February 21, 2013 Daily Reflection

Vacation in Florida

The career, the raise, the retirement, the house on the beach, the promotion, the vacation, the new car, the children, the spouse….will complete me. Our culture raises us to believe each step in our lives will lead us to completion, each purchase will fill us, and each success will make us someone better than we are right now. What our secular culture does not teach us is that none of it is true.

The only thing that will ever complete us is not a thing at all but God…love and faith. We will not reach that completion until we reach the face of God.

We will catch glimpses of God here on earth in this life…in our new born babies and our aging parents, in our spouses embrace and our grandchildren’s smiles, in the peace of a sunset and the relaxation of time with our loved ones. We will catch glimpses of our completion in the love that we give on this earth; each time we forgive, each time that we love without thought or condition, each time we are selfless we are closer to completion.

Nothing, no job, no purchase, no house, no vacation, no person will ever complete you. Only the love of God you receive and you give without condition will bring you at last to completion in heaven.

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