A different path to forgiveness, July 19, 2018 Daily Reflection

Copyright Max Lucado

Brene’ Brown is an amazing speaker and author. If you have not read Braving the Wilderness, you must do it! Yesterday, I was listening to an interview with her about her new book, Rising Strong. She touched on the idea of forgiveness. She heard from a preacher that in order to forgive something must first die. For instance if someone gets a divorce the marriage must die and be grieved, then forgiveness can occur. An idea of what should have happened and grieving for that idea must happen then forgiveness. So many of us carry grudges because of something that happened or we imagined that happened. We need to let that story die, grieve it’s loss and then forgive. Without forgiveness a part of our being cannot move forward.

What in your life needs to die? How can you grieve that loss? Then explore forgiveness, it lightens a load that frees you internally.

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