A gift for Jesus, December 18, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake’s gift to Jesus

It is simple and sweet with a stick person in the church. My littlest guy, Jake created this special gift for Jesus in school. We spend so much energy deciding who we will buy for, how much we will spend and what we will buy for each person at Christmas Time. We exchange gifts with others but who gives a gift to Jesus on Christmas Day? It is His birthday and we just exchange with one another and exclude the birthday boy.

I remember when I was in the 5th grade I went to reconciliation during advent. The priest asked what I would like to do for my penance for Jesus Christ. He was very young, creative and accepting. I told him I wanted to give a gift to baby Jesus. He said “Then your penance is to make a gift for baby Jesus.” I went home that day and begged my mom to buy me a poster board. We went to the store and bought a big green poster board. Then I went to work in my room with my door shut and locked. I worked and worked on my gift.

On Christmas Eve I revealed it to my family. I had made a Christmas card for baby Jesus. I drew a picture of the stable and baby Jesus in the manager. I wrote a prayer to Jesus of thanksgiving and talked of who He would become. We left it by the Christmas tree that night. That year our family hosted our extended family Christmas party and everyone who came over saw the giant card to Jesus. I wanted everyone to remember it was about Jesus not Santa.

Now that I am older what will my gift to Jesus Christ be this year? Will it be a card, an idea, a promise or a prayer? What can you give to Jesus Christ this year? Advent is a time for waiting and preparing our hearts to grow closer to God. If we open our hearts to Jesus Christ we will be giving Him the gift of our love and our lives. What better gift can we offer to the Christ child?

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