A Tribute to Gin Stovall, January 9, 2012 Daily Reflection

Ken and Gin Stovall

To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. 

Virginia Stovall will live on in so many hearts of all those she touched in her lifetime and all those who will hear of her stories in the future.

Gin, was just a child, one of ten born in a little shotgun house in the heart of Germantown. She was raised and loved well. She found the love of her life and they spent it together (67 years). She raised 7 children in a tiny home bursting at the seams with love and kindness. She decorated St. Elizabeth’s Church like no one else ever could. She invited all to her table; never a stranger always a guest. She listened at that kitchen table; she laughed, ate and befriended so many in that small kitchen. She knew God and she helped to guide and care for so many seminarians. She always told you what she thought and made no apologies. She was a God loving strong woman. She was a rock for her family and taught them the value of ¬†family. She was a joy to be around with cute chuckle and no nonsense attitude. There was never anything you could do but love her, not because she made you but because you couldn’t help but love her.

Today this world has lost an outstanding example of a strong woman, a loyal wife and a devoted child of God. Today, God is the lucky one because He gets to hug Gin Stovall. Today begins the time of mourning and passing on the stories of Gin to others. The tears will come and the anguish will follow and the homesick stomachs will ache for her voice to be heard once more. But today Gin has no more cancer, pain, suffering or sadness for today she is with God and Jesus her parents and those who went before her. Today is hard for us but is filled with joy and eternal bliss for a woman who said to me just two weeks ago “I lived a wonderful life its ok.” Even with pending death she was happy and grateful for it all. I have no doubt that she ran, yes ran no walker no oxygen no gasping for air straight into the arms of Christ and He is holding her now and welcoming her Home. And to her it must feel as warm cozy and loving as that little shotgun on Burnett in the heart of Germantown.

We will miss her, love her and tell others of her but one day God willing we will greet her in heaven and hug her once more. May God grant Gin Stovall eternal peace and heavenly bliss for all eternity.


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