Anticipation, December 6, 2012 Daily Reflection

Christmas gifts

The waiting, wondering and anticipation of life can drive some to anxiety and others to overwhelming amounts of stress. But sometimes anticipation can be fun; waiting for a check in the mail, a gift you want to open, a play you want to see, a destination you have always wanted to go.

As children time moves slowly and quite deliberately. The weeks preceding Christmas creep by ever so slowly. The hours of Christmas Eve seem to last an eternity. Christmas morning is accelerated and every gift opened, chocolate eaten and new toy played with seems to be experienced with a warped speed. It’s true when you are having fun the time flies.

Good anticipation can heighten your appreciation for what the future holds. It can make the time special and exciting. When I first started receiving emails I would just look at the senders name and be happy someone sent me a message. I would wait to open it just to enjoy the moment. Now I click it open without hesitation unless it is an answer to a major project. It is in those times I take a deep breath say a prayer and open the message.
Anticipation makes us more aware and conscious of our living.

Now is the time to anticipate the coming of the messiah, Jesus Christ. There is not a more special gift, a more welcomed experience or a better way to be highly aware of your life than through the coming of Jesus Christ.

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