Are you peeking, July 7 Daily Reflection

Jake peeking out the opening

Jake is peeking out of the log cabin wondering who is out there.  He is trying to get a good look but the opening between the logs is not that big. He can see partially but not fully.

How often do we do this same thing? We peek outside of our comfort zone to see who or what is out there. What is lurking in the uncertainty of tomorrow? What will happen? How will I deal with it? Who is out there and will they hurt me?  We wonder, we peek and we worry.

We worry too much as a people. We worry about things that often time never will happen in our lifetime. Remember a few months back when we were told the world was going to end on that Saturday evening in May? We worried it would be over. Well, like I ask my kids, what is the worst possible outcome? The world would be over we would die and be in heaven. Is that really so bad? If someone is truly lurking about our house then we should call the police. If we have a problem then instead of worrying so much we should think about it enough to find a resolution and then resolve it. If we can’t resolve it then we should give it away and put it in the hands of God. Giving our worries and fears to God is the best solution to every problem. We need to relinquish the control we think we have and give it to God.

We need to stop worrying and peeking into the future. Instead we should live each day to the fullest and delight in the fact that God will be there to catch us when and if we do fall. Stop peeking out the opening, stand up and live life to the fullest. What will happen will happen when it should happen and we will never go through anything alone; God will always be there with us.

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