Befriending Self, January 10, 2018 Daily Reflection

What do you see?

Why is it so difficult in our culture to like ourselves? Don’t get me wrong I know there are many people who have worked on integration and they do love themselves. However, there are way too many people who do not have love for self. It comes from so many places, upbringing, environment, lack of love, abuse, and neglect of self. It is a process to begin to accept and love ourselves. Often times, especially as women, we look in the mirror and see every flaw possible, we rarely see the beauty radiating from our souls. When God looks at us, the divine doesn’t see wrinkles, a large tummy, and a big butt. God sees a beautiful creation made from God’s love. God loved us into being, we are filled deep within with unconditional love. This world tends to corrupt the ability to see this striking love, but it is there.

The good news is the corruption can be eliminated, the self hating talk can be changed, and the belief that love remains can be understood. It takes time, many times, counseling, behavior modification, and hope to bring one back to a self-love. It can happen! It does happen daily. This year as you think about losing wait and physical fitness consider making a more important change in your life. Make a resolution to work on your love for yourself. So that by this time next year you can recognize that beautiful you inside that is filled with loving goodness. Consider befriending yourself this year, it will change your life!!

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