Biking, November 30, 2012 Daily Reflection

Our Bikes

The freedom of those wheels is incredible. Unlike cars, vans or trains the bicycle gives us something that we as humans desire; freedom. When we ride bikes we are open to the elements; nature, wind, smells and trails. We are not limited to the streets and roads of this city. We ride on trails, grass, paths, roads and tracks. Biking produces no pollution to our atmosphere. There are no blaring radios, honking horns or squealing brakes. There is just the bike, the biker and the trail. Mountain biking, trail riding, or a slow and easy Sunday ride around the neighborhood elicits a feeling of freedom and openness in life.

We are constantly searching for freedom in our lives that seem to be chained to work, responsibilities, bills and more work. Get on a bike and give yourself a break from it all. Inhale the fresh air, give your body a work out, appreciate the nature around you and feel the breeze on your skin. Biking can relieve stress and anxiety. Biking can give you the freedom you have been searching for in other things. It is a time to have peace and feel your pulse again.

Try it and see if you feel it too.

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