Callings, September 30, 2016 Daily Reflection

20160504_191339Each of us is called by God to something in this life. Some of us hear the call loud and clear, many of us ignore it completely, and then there are those of us listening and trying to discern it daily. Is the call simply an idea we hear whispered in our head, a coincidence that occurs, or a billboard on the roadside. Perhaps, God leads us down different roads at different times in our lives and each time depicts a new calling in life. Maybe, we have more than one calling in life, perhaps our entire life is filled with different callings based on who we are and where we are at that point. I believe that a calling is more than just a “career” or “occupation”. A calling is a vocational pull we feel, discern and follow to better others, creation, or ourselves.

I have found over time the best way to discover a calling is to be open; to change, possibilities, and new ideas. If we think we have answered our calling and there is no reason to change in life then we have missed the flow of life. We are not stationary people, we are created to grow and growth needs movement, nourishment, love, and nurturing. We must open our lives up to God’s calling. God can’t possibly call us only to one way of life. For instance, I know with every fiber of my being that I was called to be a mom. Within that call I was called to be a writer, then a speaker, a retreat leader, a service coordinator, a teacher, and perhaps one day a spiritual director. Those callings are each intertwined and will continue to grow and mature, merge, and blossom into another call. However, if when I became a mom I cut myself off from listening, then I would have missed the joy of serving so many others, and moving them closer to God.

There is not just one calling but many in our lives. Open your heart, mind, and soul to the callings of God in your own life.

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