Camp Experience, August 6, 2013 Daily Reflection

Anna’s bus leaving for camp

It hurts inside, like a constant ache, like the world is off balance. I want my balance back. My daughter went to overnight camp for the first time. She cannot call home. I cannot hear her voice. She has been gone for 4 days and I have that feeling of being homesick that can be remedied by nothing but her presence. I have absolutely no desire for my children to go away for college. If they choose to then I will condition myself to prepare for that time. But while they are still young I want to hug them and squeeze them and love them every moment of every day. Right now I just want to see my daughter again.

Anna’s bus returning from camp

Overjoyed, relieved to see her smiling face, happy inside and at peace with my life; that’s how I felt when my daughter returned from camp. I was sad and a bit off balance without her. I do not think a parent can love their children too much. I am so filled with joy that she is back and she had such a wonderful experience. I would never hold her back from new opportunities just because I would miss her but I am happy to have balance in my heart again.

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