HD and Dancing, March 22, 2016 Daily Reflection

Abby (one of my favorite students) & me at the dance

Abby (one of my favorite students) & me at the dance

Last weekend I attended my student’s junior prom. I was not asked to chaperone the dance by the administration, I already chaperoned an earlier dance. I was asked by one of my students if I would come to it. I thought about it and asked a few of the students if they would dance with me if I attended. The students were so excited and they promised to dance with me. One student wanted me to wear blue so I would match her beautiful dress. I decided to attend because I realized I would know 96% of the people attending the dance. I teach at a coed high school. Not many of the students bring dates from outside of our school. Little did my students know how much I love to dance?

I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. When I was 6 or 7 I had a little boom box, with a tape recorder. I would carry it to my back yard and dance for hours. I only took one dance class when I was about 7 and I was not very coordinated. I just liked to move to the music in my heart. So, I never stopped. I would make up little dance routines with my sister and my friends. 

When I started attending dances and mixers in high school I really enjoyed dancing, I never worried about what other people thought about the way I danced. I danced because the music moved me, and set me free. In college I would go to bars with my friends and dance to live bands and DJ’s. I also went to Raves filled with techno music and laser lights, and probably some drugs, although I never had a need for drugs or alcohol, dancing gave me a high like no other. Even as an adult I never stopped dancing at wedding receptions, in my house with my children, and through my house to songs that I love!

So, I attended the dance to see my students dressed up and to dance with them. In the middle of the first song I danced to I saw the light to a phone come on, the student was videotaping me. I stepped to the side. The student thought it was a sight he wanted to capture. I didn’t want to be made into a spectacle. I just wanted to dance. I love my students like sons and daughters and wanted to dance with them. He put the phone away and danced. 

I took a break from the dancing and talked to one of my colleagues and as I was swaying to the rhythm of the music I said to him, “Do you know what this is? This is joy!” I am filled with joy for my family, faith, and my life. I am so overwhelmed with the joy these students bring to my life and how kind and accepting they are that I think I danced to at least 10 different songs. Do my students think I am a little crazy? Probably, but one my students said, “Ms. HD you slayed it! (That is a good comment). There is something about dancing that releases joy from the depths of my soul and I was happy to share it with students whom I care so much about, and I think it was good for them to witness a person having fun without drugs, alcohol or any pressures.

I never plan to stop dancing!

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