Can You Imagine? December 25 Daily Reflection

A Little Nativity Scene

A Little Nativity Scene

Can you even imagine it all?  An angel appearing to you saying that YOU would be the mother of God?  An angel appearing to you saying that YOU would be the father of Jesus and marry this girl who was already pregnant and it was not your baby?  Can you imagine knowing as much as one mind could handle that you have been called by God to do something you were not comfortable with, scared to do, worried that you would literally be stoned to death for doing?

Can you imagine being pregnant knowing you were going to have that baby soon and traveling for days and weeks by foot and donkey.  Arriving and being told you could sleep in a barn.  Can you imagine having the baby, no doctors, not heart monitor machines, just you and your husband delivering a baby in an unsanitary barn with animals?  Can you imagine laying your precious baby in a wooden box that the animals eat from?  Can you imagine people you have never meet or seen before coming to see you in a barn right after you gave birth and they all want to see your baby and touch him?  Can you imagine Kings bowing before your baby and leaving you treasures in your poor life you have never witnessed?

Can you imagine being the mother of God?  Can you imagine saying yes to God for a path that would endanger your life, that would lead you in unknown directions?  Can you imagine listening to God so intently that He would choose YOU to do His work? 

You don’t have to imagine you just have to listen.  Because although God is not asking you to be a parent to the Christ child He is asking you to do His will! 

 Will YOU listen? 

Will YOU do what He asks? 

 Will YOU go where He leads YOU, afraid or not?

This Christmas and all year long choose to listen and YOU will hear God speak to YOU! 

 All YOU have to do is listen!

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