Catholic School’s Week, January 27, 2016 Daily Reflection

My students showing off their creative prayer for class

My students showing off their creative prayer for class

My family completely believes in Catholic School education. Everyone in my family is a product of a Catholic Education. My husband and I decided before we were married that one day when we started a family we would send our children to Catholic Schools. My husband and I were both raised Catholic and received excellent educations from grades school through high school. It wasn’t just the education that helped to form us into the people we are today, it was also the environment, atmosphere, love, and dedication of the teachers and staff. It was the faith that enveloped the entire education. We could openly pray, talk about God, go to Mass, receive the sacraments, and love God and our faith without fear of ridicule or shame.

My husband and I also wanted a big family. We chose to have four children. We knew that we could not afford Catholic Education for more than four children. We are very happy to have four children, all in the Catholic School system. Two are in a Catholic Grade School, and the other two are teens in two different Catholic high schools. I am in my 3rd year of teaching at a Catholic high school and I am also a student at a Catholic University. We don’t just say we believe in the Catholic School System we use every penny of my entire salary to pay for the Catholic School system. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is worth living with little so that my children are in the Catholic school system. I don’t send my children just for the unbelievable education, but for the faith centered learning, the dedication of the teachers, the ability to talk about God, to pray, to attend Mass and one of the best parts are the service programs they offer. The service programs open an opportunity for my children to apply and live their faith in the real world.

My husband and I are both products of the Louisville Catholic Education System and we believe in it so much that our children will be as well. Catholic Schools, their teachers, philosophy, atmosphere, service programs, and love of God have formed us into the people we are today!


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