Intention for the day, May 31, 2018 Daily Reflection


Habits really do take at least 30 days to form and even then I sometimes forget them. I started hitting my knees in prayers of thanksgiving every morning back in the fall. I think starting on my knees thanking God sets an intention for my day. Yesterday, I decided to add a new habit, a gratitude journal entry. Each evening I am reflecting on my day and writing a few people, actions, or occasions that I am thankful for from that day. I have heard research that says daily gratitude changes our behavior and our brain waves, somehow. It helps us to become more content and more empathetic. It’s like having bookends to each day. I start with gratitude towards God and end with gratitude towards all in my life.

Attempt a gratitude journal. If that seems to daunting just write one thing down a day that you are thankful for and leave it on your nightstand. If you see it there it will remind you to do it again the next day. It’s a great thing to read and review each day.

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