Caught that fish, March 30, 2015 Daily Reflection

Spencer's Catch

Spencer’s Catch

Jake was amazed and Spencer was proud of the fish that he caught. The picture was taken so we all know how big the fish was that he caught that day. It cannot become one of those fish stories. Those fish stories are fun to tell. We love to tell stories about the fish we caught or the fish that got away. Why do we love to tell and hear stories?

We are all looking for something in this life. We are looking for love, for connections and relationships with other people. We are telling our stories hoping that people will be amused, entertained and be able to connect with us through our experiences. We listen to others stories because we know if we listen well enough we will discover a way to relate to that person. Did you ever wonder why we want to relate to others? It’s because God created us with the purpose of loving; God, ourselves, one another and nature. We are able to love others by building, nurturing and being in relationship with them.

So, the next time someone tells you a story listen to it. Without knowing it they are trying to form a relationship with you. If you decide to talk and share stories with someone else it is because you are attempting to build a relationship with that person. Tell your stories and listen to others because that is the way we love each other! Who are you going to share your fish story with today?

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