Center Point of Life, March 26, 2018 Daily Reflection

The touch stone, and center point of life is the spirit within the divine spark that gives each of us life. We are not God but God resides within that spirit. Many of us are not able to recognize that divine spark. We are so overcome by life’s trivial demands, that we seldom take the time to explore our center point. Those who have lead very different lives, still have trivial demands and must live in the same society but their inner journey has depth, their existence is based in purpose, their lives are filled with mindfulness, quiet, and loving compassion.

So, how do we seek this center point of our existence? Through prayer, centering prayer, meditation, mindfulness, books on the subjects, classes to teach these ideas. Read about the practices of Thomas Merton, take classes at the Earth and Spirit Center, find a spiritual Director, begin the process of self-discovery and discover the center point within, divinity.

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