Changes, July 19, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake and Opa

Yesterday, Jake did it, he painted his room with his Opa (Grandpa in German). He asked me quite timidly, back in May if he could change his room around, paint it and get a new comforter. I painted his room in an under the sea theme when he was 18 months old. The lower parts of the walls had seaweed and bubbles. The room was blue and the theme was neutral enough that it was not very noticable. However, it was noticable enough to him to want to change it to a 12 year old’s room.

We rearranged his room last month. He chose a green paint color and we finally bought the paint this week. His Opa is an excellent painter. They made a painting date. Yesterday, they did it! His room is now green, not a green I would choose but a green that he chose because it is his room. I was happy to let him make the changes he did. As a child there are few things you really control in life. Everything is decided by your parents, teachers, or caregivers. I was just fine with him making this change.

As a child I never wanted to change my room. I kept the same blue color and curtains until I moved out on my wedding day. When I made a change it was a lifetime change. It is probably better to make small changes a little at a time!

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