Children’s Words, June 17 Daily Reflection

Out the mouths of children

“Ms. Lori, Ms. Lori” Carson, the little 3 year old I babysit, repeated “God is crazy!”

“Why do you say that Carson?” I asked him

“Why did God make us talk out of our mouths? That’s just crazy God made us talk from our mouths!” Carson said very definitively as though this idea is something he has pondered for awhile.

“Well, Carson would you rather talk from your nose? Wouldn’t that be silly?” I answered.

“If God made us talk that way it wouldn’t be funny. God’s just crazy!” replied Carson

Children think, feel and see the world from a totally different perspective than we adults. They can articulate ideas we have never thought of and just blurt them out without hesitation. There is so much enjoyment and wonder in listening to children they have this pure and simple ability to observe the world from a completely innocent perspective.

My grandmother who is 93 always asks for me to have my children pray for her. She says your prayers are good but my children’s prayers are heard better by God because He listens to them more intently. Maybe she is on to something. Maybe children and God have a closer relationship because the divisions of this world have not yet beset their every action. Our children can believe without doubt, love without restraint and give without being forced. We should listen to the words of our children, observe their actions and ask them why they do the things they do.

As parents we are privileged to raise our children with love and teach them about this world. We should also learn from our children for they can teach us the purest love and simple yet powerful ideas. Today listen to your children and let them teach you.

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