Goals, December 17, 2014 Daily Reflection

goals 2Do you have goals in life? Are they focused on your personal life, career, or spiritual life? Are they huge life changing goals or simple one moment at a time changes?

It is good to be goal oriented as long as we stay open to all that God reveals to us. It is so easy to discover a goal and stay so single focused that we can’t see any other opportunities. We need to always stay open to the Holy Spirit working within our lives. God isn’t just in our spiritual life but in all aspects, personal as well as career. Be open to your purpose in life. Realize that as you grow and mature your purpose may change and shift as well. That is why it is so important to always stay close to God through your prayer life so you never stop listening.

Have goals, stay focused but always remain open to God’s ever changing purpose for your life.

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