Christianity is more than a philosophy, July 3, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jesus Christ

I have been watching the film series Catholicism by Bishop Robert Barron. It ia 10 part, 10 hour series. I am half way through the series. I listen to Bishop Barron’s podcasts weekly. I am often intrigued by his wisdom and education of the Catholic Church. Yesterday, he made a point that just stayed with me.

He said that Christianity is more than a philosophy it is based on real people who lived. There is a historical Jesus of Nazareth that lived and breathed on this earth. The apostles were real people, not legends. Early Christians realized they would likely be martyred yet they spoke the words of Christ to others, they healed, baptized and died terrible deaths for the sake of God. The Catholic Church has blossomed and never faded over the course of 2,000 years. The longevity of the Church is not because of human beings but due to the power of the Holy Spirit. The Catholic Church was begun in an effort to do the will of God, to follow the actions of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not an idea it is believing that Jesus of Nazareth was a human being both divine and human who sacrificied his life, faced death, won, and was resurrected to new life. It is the belief based on truth, that if we are convicted in these truths then we too will be resurrected in the after life.

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