Closer, October 4, 2012 Daily Reflection


I am dwarfed by its sheer size. I am amazed that this sprouted from a small seed. I am in awe of the beauty before me and yet, so many never pause to look up at this creation. The majority of people have their eyes on their phones, their fingers texting and their minds thinking ahead to the next planned action. We move quickly but do we ever really get anywhere?

Where is it that we are trying to get to so quickly? We are trying to make another appointment on time, our workplace, sports practice, a party, or dinner. Would the 45 seconds it would take to stop and look at this tree, take a breath and say thank you God really make you late? God’s creations surround you daily outside in nature everywhere. It’s not just the flowers and the trees but the grass and the skies. It’s   also the beauty of the clouds, the blue hues of the sky and the wonder of the sunsets.  The tingling of the wind across your face and the cold chill of autumn in the air, the change of seasons and the smell of a fireplace outside; these are the sensations that should give us a reason to pause.

Today, just for a minute slow down, listen, feel and seek God’s amazing creations all around you and then say Thank you.

The somewhere you truly need to get to is closer to God.

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