Here it comes, December 2, 2016 Daily Reflection

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Here comes the temptation to get caught up in all the materialism and commercialism of the “Christmas Season”. As a Catholic I try my hardest to stay true to the season; the advent season. I want to wait in the silence of my heart. To turn my life inside out for the arrival of Jesus. To gain new insight on how to move out my selfish ways and open my heart to let the selfless love of Christ to take over my life. But don’t get me wrong I love the colors, the decorations, the Christmas cards sharing joy, happy families, and smiles. I treasure baking cookies together with my family and sharing them with the neighbors. I enjoy the challenge of finding that one perfect gift for each of my children and loved ones. I love how our community comes together and seems to be kinder, warmer, and much more charitable. I bring a tree inside my house and decorate it!

As a Catholic I don’t think it is necessary to boycott our culture’s version of “Christmas” completely. As Christians we should embrace the time in our year that people want to give gifts, charity, time, and love to others. I think we should be a part of the joy and outreach. I think it takes self-control to not give into the pitfalls of thinking its all about that “perfect purchase”, that Christmas is found in the malls and shops. It is tempting to spend all our money thinking that will make all the joy become real. If we remember to love one another, keep it simple, and share our kindness with others we can be a huge part of Christmas in both cultures. After all, what God wants is for us to be in unity with ourselves, one another, creation, and GOD.

So, this Christmas season choose to be Christ like, simple, loving, real, and open to changing our hearts to selfless love.

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