Crimson Red, November 18 Daily Reflection

Crimson Red Leaf

Crimson red in the palms of his pure white innocent hands a symbol of the pain, and sacrifice that are to come in his lifetime. We all hold that red leaf but who among us clutches it so tightly that our innocence is also crumpled within the safety of our fists? Who holds our hands out open to receive it and open to release it when the burden will be lifted from our lives?

There is no way to escape pain and no matter what the pain it hurts all the same. We avoid pain at all cost as humans. However, when we allow ourselves to breath and relax, to allow our muscles to loosen often times the pain is eased a bit and sometimes even significantly. I gave birth without any type of medication twice and each time I loosened my muscles and relaxed my body the contractions hurt less. The intensity of pain seems heightened when we fight it. So should we pretend that pain is good and we are willing to accept it openly? Well, it’s not that easy. However, when we are in the middle of a painful situation physically or otherwise if we can focus on relaxation, and letting go, even focus on something outside of our current situation it may ease the pain mentally. They call it mind over matter.

If we learn to open those clenched fists accepting the pain then our hands will also be open to let the pain be lifted from us. It’s much easier to say be open, relaxed and let it happen than it is to truly do in real life. The power of prayer can help you in so many ways especially in this way. During the birth of my last child my Doctor whom I love dearly said “Lori, this will be the last push and he will be out.” I had no medication at all on purpose, because I wanted to see what it would be like to feel life pass through my body (it’s painful). I knew the pain I was about to endure because I had another one of my children the same way 4 years before this. I braced myself looked to the ceiling and said “I can do this God with your help I know I can do this.” My Doctor responded “We know you can Lori” to which I said “I am talking to God right now!” Then I pushed that baby, my precious Jake out into the world and I can still feel his shoulders turning and the pain of life passing through my body. I truly believe when I asked God for His help he aided me. He didn’t take all the pain away but He gave me comfort in knowing I was not alone.

When you are in pain call on God through the power of prayer to help ease your burdens.  Open your hands to let Him take that crimson from you every day of your life, so that your innocent open hands will be revealed once more.


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