Do you love tradition? November 5 Daily Reflection

Cleaning out the pumpkins

The newspaper had been laid out, the drawings of the pumpkins completed and Daddy had already cut the tops of each pumpkin, now the cleaning out of the pumpkins would be begin.  Hands in the squishy orange strands, slimy seeds falling on the paper and of course the ground, laughter as they dug out the innards and the anticipation of Daddy carving the Jack O Lantern just like the picture, it was Halloween week!

Traditions are as varied as the families among us. Some of us have traditions we have carried for hundreds of years others of us start brand new traditions when we have our own family. Traditions are comforting and longed for by children and parents alike. Traditions help to define our family personalities.  We know that we can count on the holidays to bring to the forefront so many different traditions.

As we sit on the verge of the holiday season ponder for a bit today; what tradition do you enjoy the most in your family and why? The next time you are together as a family share your favorite tradition with your child or your spouse and ask them theirs.  When you recall traditions many times it brings warm memories that make us smile. This year don’t forget the traditions and make some new ones that will bring memories to your little ones, your children or your grandchildren.


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