Faith turns into Action, October 8, 2018 Daily Reflection

Jesus is among us as one who serves

The Charism of St. Angela of Merici and the Ursuline sisters is the contemplative love of God and a resulting openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others. When we have a contemplative love of God, that explores the depths of our existence, purpose and soul we find an overwhelming love of God and other. This deep faith and connection to all relationships results in an eagerness to serve the needs of others.

In this depth of faith there is a deeper understanding of the oneness of all. One cannot believe that one lives alone in life. Instead the connection to every person on this earth is felt. Empathy, compassion, and pain for those who are in fear of being forced back into a country that is filled with danger and persecution. An empathy, and pain for those women who have come forward to tell about the crimes of sexual assault they have tried to erase and instead have been crucified for in the public eye. Empathy for those who are not white males that run this country, but every other race, religion, and ethnicity. Empathy and pain for those who have been marginalized by the current political party in power. Empathy and pain for the young women of our country who have to witness the leadership of men who think it is acceptable to sexually harass and abuse without prosecution or punishment. Empathy and pain for the daughters of the men who support these men in power, they are setting the example that what happens to them is normal and acceptable.

The deeper our relationship with God the more connected we are with others, not divided with hate. I do not hate those in power I pity them and pray for their conversion away from hate to love with an understanding that we are all one.

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