First Freshman Retreat, September 10. 2018 Daily Reflection

Today, is our first Freshman retreat of the year. I am so excited about leading the retreat. I created it to be an experience of community, it is

Angela and a child in the grotto

sthe Freshman core Value of St. Angela Merici. This day will consist of learning and forming friendships within the community of the Sacred Heart schools. We will take a tour touching on the history of the Ursuline campus, get to know a preschool class and take the time to play with them. We will listen to the story of an Ursuline sister and how she was called to this community. We will meditate in the Chapel of the Mother House, built 101 years ago about the story of St. Angela Merici. The Hearts for the Holy Spirit will be retreat leaders and take the time to befriend the freshman and teach them about service and leadership. It is going to be an amazing day!
Please pray for all of those involved.

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