Goals, January 8, 2016 Daily Reflection


Picture of my latest article in the Record

Picture of my latest article in the Record

Hopefully we all have goals in life. From the tender age of 3 or 4 my earliest memories were of playing mommy. I knew from that age that I wanted to be married and have lots of children. At the age of 8 years old I wrote my first poem and in that moment I fell in love with writing. I never stopped writing. Those were my two goals in life that I knew I must achieve. I felt called and led by God to be a mom and a writer.

As a teenager I decided against using drugs or drinking because I wanted to keep my body pure for carrying my babies. What teen thinks about that? I did! As a teen every time I finished a test early I would write a poem, short story, or quotes on the back. I had written over 400 poems by the middle of high school. I thought about being a writer as a career but after taking a journalism class I went with psychology instead. However, I never gave up writing and by that time I knew who my husband would be.

Fast forward many years and God has been unbelievablely good to me. I am the mom of four amazing children, and the wife to my soul mate for almost 19 years now! I have kept a daily journal for almost 27 years! I have written a daily blog for almost 7 years. I have been rejected formally about 10 times from editors for book ideas and I have had 4 articles published in our local Catholic Newspaper. Yesterday, my 4th article was published!!.http://therecordnewspaper.org/a-time-to-speak-students-take-a-field-trip-for-life/.  I also have the pleasure of writing weekly for Catholicmom.com. I am constantly writing meditations for my students in my Theology class as well.

So, I have reached my goals in this life but they are goals that continue to lead me closer to God, others, creation, and myself. They are goals that guide me to grow and make more goals.

What are your goals in this life?

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