Here we go, May 23, 2013 Daily Reflection

Three of my four children sitting by the pool on a break

Here we go summertime! This summer will be different. I have found a new career path. I took a position as a Theology teacher with a local Catholic High School.
I have never been an official “teacher” before. I have given motivational talks, created, facilitated and led retreats, coordinated a service learning program for 9 years and taught a few sacramental classes. This summer I will be having fun with my children at the pool, on bike rides, visiting places for field trips but I will also be attending some classes and creating lesson plans. It will be a challenge and I love challenges!

This is the best possible career path for my family. It means I will still be with my children when they are out of school for holidays and summer vacation. I go where God calls me and He called me to be a teacher. You know what they say God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I have been praying that since this is what God wants He will help me to do it right. When I say right I mean to help the students discover their own faith. I want to be like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. I want to be that teacher that thinks outside of the box. I want to take my creativity to the students and change their perspective so that they can see God more clearly in their own lives. I am excited about summer time and my new career!

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