Heritage, May 2, 2013 Daily Reflection

Family Pictures

Pictures from children and grandchildren to great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings adorn our tables and walls. They are framed love in our lives. They are people who have given us their DNA; our blond hair and blue eyes. They gave us our personalities and our heritage. They have helped to form who we are in this life.

Although there are those who have moved on to the next world they influenced us before they made their exit in one way or another. Then there are those whom we never had the pleasure to meet but we hear from others that we talk or walk like they did. As individual as we might feel in this world we are linked to a bigger picture. We are linked to our ancestors and our family.

Ask your parents or siblings if you remind them of any family members. My 2nd son, Spencer, reminds most people of his great uncle. My oldest son looks so much like his father did at that age that people have called him little Aaron.

Embrace your history, heritage and family.   They have formed you and will continue to in this lifetime.

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