Stages June 10 Daily Reflection

Jake & Spencer Attached to Dad

Ever feel like your children are a little too attached to you, like you cannot get anything done without them under your feet. While fixing dinner you are tripping over them, when you go to the bathroom they must know exactly where you are? Do you feel like you may never have a free arm, hip or leg again?

Different ages bring different stages. My children are just having fun seeing how strong daddy is in the picture. The days are gone when I had one on my hip at all times, I actually loved those times.  The hectic life of hearing the panicked “I have to potty” when as mom you had to get them to the potty before the accident hit the floor are gone for me. Feeling like I could not sleep because I had to be able to hear them if they cried I just had to run to them and get them out of the crib to console their little hearts. The up all night, fatigued all day, wondering why on earth people ever say “They grow up so fast”. Gone are the days when I would count the hours until my husband would get home to give me a break from the stress of a crying baby and a two year old. Then over time it happened they aged and became more independent.

Now my children don’t cry for me in the night, I sleep all the way through. I miss the snuggles in the middle of the night. Now my children don’t announce they have to use the bathroom. Now I understand why people said “They grow up so fast”. It seems that time just moves more quickly than we can understand. The older they get the quicker it seems to move. My littlest is still under my feet and now that 3 of them are older I think I appreciate it more, knowing that it will only last a while longer.

Cherish every stage as best you can. Don’t wish it away. Hold tight to the snuggles in the night. Listen carefully so that you might remember the cute words they mispronounce write it down and take pictures. One day you will wish they were attached to you like in the picture. Love them at the stage they are today!

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