What’s inside? October 3, 2011 Daily Reflection

Building downtown

Something grand must reside inside, right? Shouldn’t something unbelievable be beyond those ornate doors, those regal fountains and that beautiful flooring?

Our first impressions of places and people are usually formed from their façade, the outside. We form opinions and judgments about them from our first glance. Visually we are like that as a human race. However, we should always keep an open mind. That person that appears to be that certain way maybe the nicest person you have ever known in your lifetime. That beautiful building in the picture may be falling apart on the inside.

If you want to know what someone is really like you must take the chance to talk with them and be their friend. Take a chance and smile at the person and let your second impression be more lasting than the first. If you want to know what that building is like you have to open the doors and step inside. Instead of judging open your mind and your heart.

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